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  3. Monday, 25 March 2019
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We hope you saw the announcement that the IUG is soon to launch a refreshed and modern website. We hope you will enjoy the improved navigation, responsive design, and intuitive interface.

However, some elements of the existing site, including the legacy enhancements database covering 2007 – 2017, have not been fully functional for some time; they will not be ported over to the new website.

There are 2600 entries in the legacy system; of these, a large percentage refer to obsolete aspects of Millennium, have been or are being addressed in Sierra, or are already present and being voted on, discussed, and reviewed in Idea Lab.

We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to search and review these legacy enhancements at http://innovativeusers.org/index.php/search-and-like-dislike-enhancement-requests.html before the new website launches. You may also review the 2011-2016 ballots and winners at http://innovativeusers.org/index.php/ballots-voting-information.html. You are welcome to repost your favorites over to Idea Lab Always Open Space for Sierra at https://idealab.iii.com/alwaysopen/Page/Overview, or to contact us at enhancements@innovativeusers.org and we can assist you with submitting your idea.

Though gone from the website, please be aware that Innovative product owners have access to the legacy ballot items and winners, and continue to consult them when planning Sierra enhancements, including the Sierra Smorgasbord challenge that will continue through this week.

Please take a moment to join us in thanking the many, many Functional Experts who reviewed the humongous database each year for ballot items and who aided in the ginormous database weeding project in 2015. Many hands go into making Sierra a better system and we’re excited to see that conversation continue in Idea Lab.

Beth Juhl and Jeremy Goldstein
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators
Gwyneth Jelinek, Polaris Team Lead

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