Selected Ideas

Sierra Ideas

Idea Submitter    Release    Challenge
When home pick-up is designated in the loan rule, that pickup location should be the only one available when placing a hold Kathy Setter & Library Connection, Inc Sierra 4.0 Sierra Public Services Workflow
Find In Record Jeremy Goldstein Sierra 4.1 Sierra Public Services Workflow
Reinstate cancelled holds Eeva Stierwalt & Karen Nixon Sierra 4.2 Sierra Public Services Workflow
Add price field from item record to due slip data library Jeremy Goldstein Sierra 4.3 Always Open
Enable searching of volume record by record number Eliza Richards Sierra 4.3 Always Open
Customization of fonts and colors in Sierra Jeremy Goldstein Sierra 4.3 Always Open
Undo delete Eliza Richards Sierra 5.0

Undo Options for Sierra

Create lists - edit search in existing list Lisa Arm Sierra 5.0 Undo Options for Sierra
Default setting for due slip printing in user profiles Adam Hornsey Sierra 5.0 Always Open 
E-mail due slips in staff checkout Alison Pruntel Sierra 5.0 Always Open
Restore record in review file Jeremy Goldstein TBD  Undo Options for Sierra


Polaris Ideas

Idea  Submitter    Release    Challenge
Payment Processing Robin Dye Polaris 6.0 Polaris Web Application
ExpressCheck - widescreen resolutions Jonathan Rohner Polaris 6.0 Always Open
Leap find and deleted records Jason Tenter Polaris 6.0 Always Open
Print List Option Keith Davis Polaris 6.1 Polaris Web Application
Need to Update Item Parameters Using Bulk Change in Record Sets Kathie Brown Polaris 6.1 Polaris Web Application
Print from all tabs in LEAP Sarah Colombo Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Allowing more than one Comprise eCommerce account Brad Smith Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Time stamp on notices in Leap Jennifer Hoffman Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Picklist - prevent staff errors when marking items "missing" Diane Robinson Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Support average loan length calculation for PLDS survey Wes Osborn Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Librarian sort Trevor Diamond Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Add request manager to Leap Gretchen Allen Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Batch update records while in a record set in Leap Jason Tenter Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Outreach checkout block functionality in Leap Eleanor Crumblehulme Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Leap sort title results Trevor Diamond Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Ability to export to Excel from record sets Janet Harmon Polaris 6.1 Always Open
Configure a charge amount threshold Diane Robinson Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Exclude suspended/inactive holds from hold limit Jennifer Hoffman Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Canceling multiple holds at once through the holds queue Cecilia Cygnar Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Item linking: default item template Trevor Diamond Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Leap: truncate trailing spaces from login username Trevor Diamond Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Batch delete items in Leap Cecilia Smiley Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Leap patron record display Cecilia Smiley Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Allow pasting into pac password field Marie Martin Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Delete records while in a record set in Leap Jason Tenter Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Trim() call number elements John Lavalie Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Bulk move hold requests from one title to another without merging bibs / Transfer multiple holds at once Wes Osborn & Jamie King Polaris 6.2 Always Open
Undo Deletion of Record Set Keith Davis Polaris 6.3 Undo Options for Polaris
Offline Circ Kellie Conner  Polaris 6.3  What's Next for Leap
 Polaris notices - include item call number and volume on hold and almost overdue notices Diane Robinson Polaris 6.3 Always Open
Send password update link in "forgot password?" emails Marie Martin Polaris 6.3 Always Open
Control the length of the summary field in the PAC Jason Thomson Polaris 6.3 Always Open
Polaris API - reading history delete individual records Mark Jarrell Polaris 6.3 Always Open
Return focus to entry form field after acknowledging hold in check in Paul Keith Polaris 6.3 Always Open