Committees and Elections

Steering Committee 2019 - 2020

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For the "IUG Year" 2019 - 2020, we will elect:

  • 1. Vice Chair/Chair Elect (a three-year term where you become Vice Chair, then Chair and then Past Chair)
  • 2. Secretary/Treasurer (two-year term)
  • 3. Two positions for Members-at-Large (two-year term)

The terms for each of these begin on the last day of the upcoming IUG conference in Phoenix, AZ on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

IUG Steering Committee Election Calendar

November 1, 2018 : Call for nominations
December 3, 2018 : 11:00 PM EST Deadline for nominations
December 5, 2018 : Voting begins
December 19, 2018 : 11:00 PM EST Voting closes
Shortly thereafter : Winners will be announced!


Are you interested? We sure hope so! Check out the information below and if you would like to run for an office, submit your information and Candidate Statement to the Nominations Committee. You will be asked for the following information:

  • Your name, job title, and institution
  • Type of Library
  • SC position of interest
  • Professional photo
  • Brief biographical sketch describing your recent work history, type of library that you work in, and reasons for your candidacy


All Steering Committee members speak for the membership, serve on ad hoc working groups, and provide advice to the Chair.  The following are the major duties of the various positions:

Vice Chair/Chair Elect is a 3 year 3 position role:

1. Vice Chair (year one)

  • serves as Chair of the Program Committee for the Annual IUG Conference which also involves weekly phone meetings with iii and the conference planning team
  • performs the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair's temporary disability or absence from meetings, or if the Chair becomes ineligible to hold office
  • solicits a Local Arrangements Committee Chair for the annual IUG meeting
  • attends the future conference site visits and the annual conference kick-off site visit (usually early fall)
  • completes assignments as delegated by the Chair

2. Chair (year two)

  • oversees all annual conference planning including site visits for future conferences (usually early fall)
  • coordinates the annual conference, including a site visit and conference kick-off meeting (usually early fall)
  • presides at the annual and special membership meetings of IUG and of the Steering Committe
  • prepares agenda for the annual membership meeting
  • prepares post conference evaluation survey
  • appoints annually with the approval of the IUG Steering Committee such standing or special committees as may be required to carry out the purposes of the organization
  • chairs ALA Annual and ALA Midwinter meetings
  • chairs IUG SC online meetings
  • performs other duties as are necessarily incident to the office of the Chair and as may be prescribed by the IUG Steering Committee

3. Past Chair (year three)

  • serves in an advisory role to the Chair and the IUG Steering Committee
  • chairs the Scholarship Committee
  • chairs the Nominating Committee
  • chairs the Beacon Awards Committee

Secretary/Treasurer (two year role)

  • Take and distribute minutes of the IUG and SC meetings
    Coordinate member volunteers for the registration booth at the Annual Conference
    In conjunction with IUG Business Manager maintain the IUG membership list
    In conjunction with the IUG Business Manager collect registration fees, membership fees, and other monies
    In conjunction with IUG Business Manager review and keep account of all monies received and expended of IUG
    Perform other duties as are necessary to the office of Secretary/Treasurer as may be prescribed by the IUG Chair
Member-at-Large (two year role)

The responsibilities of this role are appointed by the IUG Chair. Here are some of the recent positions held by Members-at-Large:

  • oversees the IUG Clearinghouse
  • oversees IUG Social Media
  • co-coordinates the IUG IdeaLab/Enhancements
  • works with our Regional IUG Groups
  • serves as Polaris liaison

Please feel free to contact any member of the Steering Committee about serving on the committee. You will find our names and email addresses on the Steering Committee page.


The IUG Steering Committee has four regularly scheduled meetings during the year. Two are during the Annual IUG Conference and there is one each at ALA Annual and ALA Midwinter:

  • ALA Midwinter: attendance is mandatory for all Steering Committee members
  • ALA Annual:  only the Steering Committee Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Past-Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, and Business Manager) are required to attend the IUG Steering Committee Officers Meeting
  • IUG Annual: all Steering Committee members are expected to attend the entire Annual IUG Conference. Members are expected to arrive two days before the Pre-Conference day and remain through the first meeting of the incoming Steering Committee, just after the final session on the final day of the conference, departing on the day after the conference if necessary to meet that obligation.
  • IUG Annual Conference Opening Session and Membership Meeting: all Steering Committee members, including those newly elected, are expected to attend, including a Steering Committee photo session immediately following the Opening Session.  At the conclusion of the annual conference the Steering Committee meets with the newly elected members whose term begins at that meeting..


Compensation includes free conference registration, complimentary hotel room for the duration of the Annual IUG Conference, including the extra days of the Steering Committee commitment, round trip airfare, transportation to and from the airport, an assortment of free meals and plenty of great fun! A stipend is also supplied to support attendance at the ALA Steering Committee meetings held at ALA Annual and ALA Midwinter, including hotel nights required by committee meetings, round trip airfare and transportation to and from the airport.

The Nominations Committee's goal is to establish a slate that represents the diversity of libraries among the IUG community: academic, public, law, medical, K-12, consortia, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the chair of the nominations committee, Mark Strang, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Currently serving as your IUG Past Chair for this wonderful organization, I can attest to how personally and professionally fulfilling this service can be. This is your opportunity to work with a group of enthusiastic and talented people. And the work is actually fun. I encourage you to seriously consider serving your IUG.